Frequently asked questions for seniors when playing golf

Golf is a high-class sport that is loved by many people. One of those lovers is to mention seniors.

In this article, please share your concerns and frequently asked questions when seniors decide to join this golf sport. These questions revolve around how to choose the right clubs for your age, golf ball, how far the ball is, the maximum age you can play golf etc.

Now let the experts share:

  • Are graphite shafts better for seniors ?.

According to experts: Yes, especially for senior players having a preference of slow swing tempos or having high handicaps with hand, shoulder, or arm.

This makes sense because the graphite shafts are both lightweight and capable of providing a better torque. As a result, the seniors can expect more speedy swings with reduced effort. Moreover, these shafts muffle vibrations on mishits and reduce the possible pain.

  • Will a senior shaft add distance?

Hilariously, yes.

It is mostly because a senior shaft is often lightweight to increase the speed and distance while reducing the shooting effort. Even more, the senior shaft having a small head can support more loft, meaning that you can hit it much straighter and longer.

  • What is the best golf ball for a senior golfer?

Not only should you search for the best golf club irons for seniors, but you also need to pay attention to the ball. Thus, your question is nice to answer.

For those who perform low swing speeds: Then, balls having a low compression number is ideal to translate such a low spin. Accordingly, the balls will fly straighter and further.

For high handicapper senior players: Since these golfers require a great command and a better distance off of the tee to control the speed more properly, the balls should have a high number of dimples, medium-to-high spin, and medium-to-high compression.

  • What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer?

Generally, the swing speed depends on age and gender. Specifically, female players are like to swing more weakly than male players.

When it comes to a senior golfer at 50 years old and more, the swing speed of men ranges from 85 to 90 MPH. They might lose about 5 MPH off when getting 10 years older.

That of female golfers are about 70 or 75 MPH. They also lose 5 MPH for every passing decade. 

  • At what age are you considered a senior golfer?

There are various age limits to be considered a “senior” golfers – based on the branches of the sport and the competitions you head for.

In the men’s pro tournaments, the senior players are 50 and above.

For female golfers, the senior age is usually 45.

Who is the oldest golfer on the senior tour?

Interestingly enough, many golfers have become famous in their 50s or beyond. Thus, it is never too late to take up golf and win a major.

You might be motivated, knowing that the oldest golfer on senior tour is now 78 years old. He is Jerry Barber.

The above is shared by experts for beginner golfers who are seniors

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