Why Do I Choose to Play Badminton to Reduce Stress?

I have known badminton since I was a junior high school student but then I did not actually play and loved it. Until now, when I was a design engineer, I learned more about it. Thereby I really loved this sport and it became an indispensable sport in my life.

Design work required me to sit with the computer for hours. This work causes my mind to always be stressed out, I am often stressed when work is not as favorable as slow progress, can not find a common voice with the team members. It has a lot of influence in my life. I brought this story to a close friend of mine, he is a doctor. When I heard him say, he laughed loudly and said, “My friend, do not worry. I have a way for you to solve them. ” And since then, I have accompanied him to the badminton club near the house to play every day. He taught me a lot about badminton.

The first is the badminton racket, he showed me the parameters to consider when buying racquets. From there I can see which racquet is suitable for the student, which racquet is good for the beginner or racquet that matches the doubles … It is important that I know how to choose the best badminton rackets for each person. The best suit for me isĀ Yonex Nanoray Z Speed.

Next, he gave me the necessary skills such as how to hold the racket, how to serving, how to smash method properly … Thanks to his guidance so I was able to play well after 2 months of regular exercise.

And finally, I had to admit that he was right. As I played, I put all my strength into every smash, and I felt like the sorrows and stresses in that job followed the shuttlecock flying away from me. After each badminton session, I returned home with a very comfortable spirit to enjoy the happy life with my family and ready to solve the difficulties in the work.

In addition to the above, playing badminton also helps those who work in the office as I can get older diseases such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease or obesity.

I tell this story to share with you readers about my luck when choosing badminton for fun every day. If you are experiencing the same problem as before, give yourself the opportunity to check on what I say. Wish you always happy and successful!