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What bathroom faucets are made in the USA? – The best US brands to Use

When it comes to bathroom tools, faucets have a unique position. Since numerous bathroom accessories brands produce high-quality faucets nowadays, customers can be confused before making their buying decision. 

In today’s article, we will lend you a hand by answering the question, “What bathroom faucets are made in the USA?” 

Bathroom faucets made in the USA

Kohler Kitchen and Bath – Luxury

KOHLER is one of the most well-known high-end sanitary ware and kitchen brands that offers a wide range of designed products, including luxury restrooms, showers, washbasins, and many more. 

The brand aims to offer customers the chance to transform their private space into a luxury getaway inspired by the unique design in every of their bathroom items. 

However, those good-looking items will not surely be breakable in just a few days. The brand’s reputation has proven its reliability in providing high-quality and long-lasting bathroom and kitchen accessories, including faucets. KOHLER’s bathroom faucets are made with the most high-quality metal, so rusting will not be a problem.

There are various faucet designs for you to choose, from a pop-up drain with lift rod and tailpiece to handles with temperature adjustment. No matter what design you choose, KOHLER will make sure it is your wisest bathroom accessories purchasing decision. 

MOEN – Simplicity

Most Moen bathroom faucets have been embracing the identical water-controlling cartridge since day one. This effect makes every MOEN bathroom accessory dedicated to simplicity and monotony, even bathroom faucets. 

No matter what faucets you purchase, you will notice the combination between tailored tradition and glamour modern being so vivid in the brand’s collection. If a simple, delicate bathroom is what you wish for, we believe that any faucet design from MOEN will please you. 

If you are worried about MOEN’S collection being too narrowed down in options, put away your worries as Moen guarantees to offer their customers highly distinctive style options in bathroom faucets that can elevate the everyday bathing experience. 

Even if you own the most expensive bathroom accessories, everything will be a waste if you don’t know how to organize them in your bathroom. 

Well, if bathroom showroom collection or bathroom tiles decorating ideas are capturing your attention, spend some time visiting for more additional informative facts on how to turn your bathroom into your own sanctuary. 


American Standard has a long and glorious history in manufacturing high-class bathroom and kitchen accessories. The one thing that American Standard delivers to consumers is the finest quality in each item the brand manufactured. If you are looking for robust, durable bathroom faucets that last for a long time after your purchase, American Standard can meet your needs. 

Whether it is one or two handles or different finishes such as chrome, nickel, matte, etc. every piece of faucets made by American Standard will gorgeously furbish your bathroom.

Besides bathroom faucets, these three above brands also supply other high-end bathroom facilities, including 10-inch rough-in toilet or bathtubs, showering accessories, etc.

The final word

And that’s our answer to the question “what bathroom faucets are made in the USA?”.

We hope that after reading this article, you will set your mind to a faucet that not only meets your expectation but also best suits your sink and bathroom. Thank you for reading our article on bathroom faucets, and we will see you soon!