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List of Equipment Needed to Play Tennis?

Tennis is a great sport. Playing tennis helps to bring many benefits to our mind and fitness. So how do I get started with this sport? The answer is the most essential equipment whether you are a pro or a tennis beginner. In this post there are tips on what tennis essentials you need to prepare before you start playing tennis.
1. Tennis rackets
The first and foremost thing you need is a racket. Currently there are many types of racquets belonging to many different brands. However not all racquets are suitable for you and your game.
The first factor when choosing a racquet that you need to consider is the size of the racquet. For starters, they should consider large head size racquets because they have a larger hit area and more sweet spots. You may refer to one of Wilson’s best beginner racquets is the Wilson Ultra 100L. This racket is also suitable for those looking for strength. As for the player who wants more improvement and control should look for a racquet with a small head size.
Second, you need to find a racquet with the right weight for you. You can use your physical dimensions to determine the head size, length and weight of the racquet. You should not choose a racquet that is too large or too heavy for your body.
Third, you should pay attention to the balance of the racquet. While a light-headed racquet can increase control, a heavy-headed racquet increases player power.
However, when the level of play is improved you should also upgrade your racquet, such as the Babolat Pure Strike 100.
2. Hand grip
If you play regularly, the racket handle can be worn out and absorb a lot of sweat. That affects the results of the game. Now you need a hand glove for someone with sweaty hands. The grip allows you to choose a more comfortable grip, and you can even change the handle whenever you start to feel uncomfortable.
3. Tennis shoes
When choosing shoes you should consider your level, style of play and the surface of the game field. When playing on the field, you will often have to stop and initiate sudden stops in different directions. Tennis shoes with patterned grooves on the sole for anti-slip soles are specially designed to accommodate this type of abrasive movement.
Shoes with more padding in the heel area will be your best option when playing on hard courts. Meanwhile, soft court players often opt for flatter shoes.
4. Tennis ball
Choosing the right tennis ball is also an important factor in the game’s effectiveness. Currently on the market there are many types of balls with many different names so choosing the ball is not always easy.
There are actually some balls designed to fly faster or spin better. Some are tailored for players with an elbow disability. There are children’s balls. Contains the ball designed for unprofessional or elite tournaments.
5. Tennis clothes
The costume is also one of the most important factors determining the outcome of the game. When choosing you should note that the clothes should keep the body comfortable and dry under all conditions.
Currently the clothes are usually made of lightweight cotton mixed with unusual breathable material. However, if you have to play in cold weather, you should wear a heat-retaining layer during warm-up and remove them once the game starts.

There are many equipment needed for a tennis game. But there are 5 most essential equipment that every player should have. It is rackets, handles, shoes, balls and clothes. It is important that they all be considered to truly match the player to get the best results.